Candidate Leaders Selection Process

An extract from the book  ‘In search of Good Governance’,
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  • Candidate applications should be submitted a year before election/selection.
  • A team should work on scrutinising the applications, and interviewing relevant people and entities for verification of factual information. The reviewing team should come from a different province, so that manipulation or undue prejudice from people who know the candidate is minimised.
  • Reviewers should visit the village or town or district where the person grew up.
  • It is recommended that ten people do the research on one person, to counter check results, and avoid personal prejudice.



1) Verification of Factual Information

  • Check qualifications
  • Check for experience and skills levels
  • Check for criminal record
  • Check Personality type

2) Character Assessment

(Information secured must be assessed with the leadership indicators in mind)

Visit the family of the candidate:

  • Is the spouse fully supportive?
  • Is there harmony, discipline, mutual respect in the home?
  • Have any of the family members broken the law?
  • Are there any complaints about the candidate’s behaviour by any of their family members?

Get testimonials from at least five but preferably all of the following:

  • Previous employer
  • Work colleagues
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Teacher/Mentor
  • Spiritual leader
  • Neighbours

3) Interview with Guardian Council / Council of Elders

These elders may be recognised leaders in the community such as or religious leaders, kings and/or princes of various groups, business leaders in the field in which the Candidate wishes to serve, or elderly retired people with a track record of honourable service to the community or the nation. The council of elders should comprise a cross section of people representing as wide a spread of languages, cultures, beliefs, genders and races as possible.

4) Leadership Assessment Questionnaires 1 & 2


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