To be used at Community Forum level and by citizens

Three Biblical frameworks are used here to identify important qualities in nominating leaders, especially independent candidates wanting to stand for public office. This is a very helpful tool, which we will employ to determine whether to endorse a candidate or not. This is in combination with two other instruments of assessment: Leaders Code of Ethics and Conduct and Candidate Leaders Selection Procedure (to be used at Guardian Council level). All are aligned with the movement’s Bill of Values. In adherence with the value of self-governance, the following criteria should govern the conduct of all leaders in the nation:




  1.   Able men and women (competence)

A person that has the skill and qualifications to serve the people effectively in public office. Qualifications need not always be degrees and diplomas, but can also be valuable experience. The person must show tangible impact of their projects/initiatives in community (track record). Competence and character is key.


  1.   God-fearing men and women

Someone that walk humbling before God and recognise their dependence on Him. A person that fully respects God and His will, as expressed through the Word of God (the Bible). Having a healthy reverence for the Lord guides the person when making moral and ethical decisions related to the task at hand.


  1.   Men and women of truth

A leader must be anchored in the truth of God’s Word (John 17:17). Lovers of the truth does not compromise their values or give in to lies and deceit when put under pressure (2 Tim 2:19). They are honest and transparent, making sure everything they do in public office is verifiable and credible.


  1.   Hating covetousness

A leader must not be greedy, acquisitive and grasping for money and material possessions. This will prevent the person from becoming involved in theft, corruption or fraudulent activities. He/she will not use their power to bribe/manipulate situations in their favour, thus exploiting the benefits of their office.




  1.   Above reproach

There must be no question about his/her character as a leader. A responsible person walking in integrity.


  1.  Faithful to his wife or she to her husband

If married, the person must be known for remaining faithful to his/her spouse. No room for any adultery.


  1.   Temperate and self-controlled

A leader must be sober-minded and not have a history of making emotional decisions. No bad tempers.


  1.   Hospitable and respectable

A person must be known as a friendly and welcoming person, gaining respect for taking care of the needy.


  1.   Able to govern

A leader must lead by example and be capable of naturally guiding others with admired authority.


  1.   Not given to drunkenness, violence or quarrelling

He/she should not have a problem with any substance abuse or acting violently – at home or in public.


  1.   Manage his/her household well

Someone with a stable household – despite income levels – that manages the needs of the house well.


  1.   Not be puffed up with pride

A humble leader not full of his/herself. Having a serving heart and always willing to go the extra mile.


  1.   Not be double-tongued

The person must not be someone that speaks out of two mouths or who engages in gossip or slandering.


  1.   Be able to withstand a test

A person must be tested without knowing that he/she is being fairly evaluated for actions in a situation.





  1.   A devoted citizen loves their country
  2.   A devoted citizen acts on the national vision
  3.   A devoted citizen identifies their purpose
  4.   A devoted citizen knows their rights and responsibilities
  5.   A devoted citizen obeys the law
  6.   A devoted citizen pays taxes
  7.   A devoted citizen votes responsibly
  8.   A devoted citizen protects public property
  9.   A devoted citizen protects the environment
  10.   A devoted citizen has the spirit of Ubuntu
  11.   A devoted citizen cares for people
  12.   A devoted citizen protects the vulnerable
  13.   A devoted citizen gets along with others
  14.   A devoted citizen is a peacemaker
  15.   A devoted citizen embraces change
  16.   A devoted citizen acts ethically
  17.   A devoted citizen makes history
  18.   A devoted citizen is world class oriented
  19.   A devoted citizen is an ambassador of their country
  20.   A devoted citizen leaves a legacy

 The potential bearer of public office must be a proven devoted citizen. Others should testify of this.

NOTE: If it is so that a leader may have transgressed any of the Principles and Qualities of a Leader above, and there has been true repentance of the mistake(s), and others close to him/her can testify that their actions have changed and/or that “the old things have passed away” and he/she is living a new life (2 Cor 5:17) worthy of being elected as a leader and representative of his/her community, then he/she can be nominated with confidence. We realise all can make mistakes, but if we repent and turn away from our wicked ways, Christ can change us. We realise that we live in a dispensation of grace, but not cheap grace.