The vision of the RRR-movement is to give powerful expression to the voice of the Ecclesia (body of Christ) in promoting good governance in South Africa. It is not a political party, but a civil initiative to make leaders truly accountable to the citizens who elected them and to best practices in government. Building a government that is competent, transparent and future-focused is an urgent priority. Our basic philosophy is: When the righteous govern, the people rejoice. We particularly take a strong stand against bad governance, corruption, unethical behaviour, unfair economic inequality, injustices and racist conduct.

At the heart of what we will promote are anti-racism, freedom of religion and expression, Biblical values and accountable governance (not secularism and humanism). RRR promotes direct representation of the citizens through independent candidates elected by the citizens and responsible to the citizens to prevent the influence of party politics. We are committed to see the effective training and equipping of independent candidates for public office that are well-prepared for the task at hand, both in terms of character and competence. Participative governance is a core principle we value, both in holding government accountable and for the voice of the people to be well-represented.

 We promote a culture of active devoted citizenship so that we all take on greater responsibility for our communities, including the identification of credible leaders who have a truly righteous walk before God and man. Inspiring moral courage, we are committed to raise the standard of leadership in our nation, and through active citizenship, hold government accountable for their actions. Very importantly, and an essential part of the movement, is the inclusion of the youth in the promotion of a culture of active devoted citizenship and to empower them to make a tremendous impact in the nation. We believe the future is in the hands of our young men and women, from which to raise righteous rulers.

We are inclusive in so far as men and women, young and old, and all racial groups are concerned; as we share the same Biblical values which are at the foundation of this movement (see Bill of Values). We uncompromisingly commit to building a righteous consciousness in South Africa and Africa.

We uphold the mandate of Ecclesia regarding responsible stewardship of societies and resources through servant leadership. We also believe that we must bring God back into the constitution, our schools and society at large – where He belongs! Given that the majority of people in South Africa are Christians, the views and priorities of Christians should be respected in the public arena if we want to be a true democracy. Prayer and/or Bible reading for opening public meetings are examples of this. God-fearing leadership is something we will always encourage strongly.

Lastly, we believe in safe and peaceful communities where all citizens can prosper because of ethical economic behaviour, good governance and a values-based society. We consider fair, equitable and productive participation by all the people of South Africa in the public domain as vital to building a vibrant democracy.