Devoted Citizens

As part of the RRR-movement, Devoted Citizen is a campaign led by Ps Chris Mathebula which inspires all citizens of South Africa to create a future of endless possibilities premised on the fact that they all have a part to play to build a prosperous South Africa.

In an era where values of patriotism, commitment to the flag and country are waning, there is a clarion call for responsible citizenship. It is easy to allow our beautiful nation to spiral into doll drums of neglect, stagnation, depression, decay and chaos. only a Devoted Citizen can make their country great, simply, one act a a time and one person at a time. For a long time we have looked at our country with dismay and despair, and looked away and hoped that somebody, somewhere, somehow will fix our country. Yet the responsibility to build our nation is a collective endeavor, and a personal choice. We need to rise above our socio-political differences, and understand that a country belongs to ALL who live in it.

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Devoted Citizens:

  • Love their country
  • Act on the national vision
  • Identify their purpose
  • Know their rights and responsibilities
  • Obey the law
  • Pay taxes
  • Vote responsibly
  • Protect public property
  • Protect the environment
  • Have the spirit of Ubuntu
  • Care for people
  • Protect the vulnerable
  • Get along with others
  • Are peacemakers
  • Embrace change
  • Act ethically
  • Make history
  • Are world class orientated
  • Are ambassadors for their country
  • Leave a legacy for future generations